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Keynote Speakers
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David Horsager MA, CSP
Wednesday, January 18

Trust is a fundamental, bottom line issue. Without it, leaders lose teams, salespeople lose sales, and organizations lose reputation, retention of good people, relationships and revenue. But with trust, individuals and organizations enjoy greater creativity, productivity, freedom, and results.

Through academic research and firsthand experience, David Horsager has learned what it takes to gain — and keep — The Trust Edge. Through a captivating presentation, David combines humor and illustrations with business insight and analysis. He will show you how the little things, done consistently, add up to huge results.

David has worked to develop trusted leaders and organizations on six continents, with clients ranging from the New York Yankees to Goodyear and the Department of Homeland Security. David has enjoyed serving in a number of leadership roles, from ethics commissioner to executive producer to director on a variety of boards. David’s newest release, “The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day” follows his national bestseller “The Trust Edge.”

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Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar
 WASB Breakfast, Thursday, January 19

"Be A Possibilitarian!"

In this high-energy, enthusiastic, and sometimes hard-hitting presentation, Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar will share lessons she has learned from being a Possibilitarian – someone who is highly optimistic, every day.

Considered one of the nation’s most vocal personalities on the importance of needing to “move to improve,” Dr. Jo talks about how you must take care of yourself before helping others, or as she puts it, "Secure your own mask...FIRST!" You’ll learn the keys to good health, which includes large doses of humor every day. You’ll also learn action strategies to help sustain your ENERGY throughout the day.

A former teacher and physical education advocate, Dr. Jo will share four of the most vital parts of being a Possibilitarian...laughing, learning, sharing, and networking. In addition, she will teach us how to adjust our attitudes and cope in this sometimes stressful, high anxiety-filled world we live in. Make sure your head is on a swivel because Dr. Jo will cover the room! Her presentation is not only high-energy and powerful, it's downright fun. Start your day laughing and learning with Dr. Jo.

Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar has spent 43 years promoting the benefits of healthy, active living. Past president of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, Dr. Jo taught at all levels and was the State Director for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education at the Nebraska Department of Education and the Director of Professional Development for the American School Health Association. In 2004, she joined corporate America to share her beliefs.

JoAnn Owens-Nausler

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Liz Murray
Thursday, January 19

From homeless to Harvard...it is an unlikely turn of events. Liz Murray’s life is a triumph over adversity and a stunning example of the importance of dreaming big. Murray’s life as the child of cocaine-addicted parents in the Bronx was bitterly grim. There was never food in the house, everything was filthy, drugs were everywhere, and the welfare checks were spent before they arrived.

By age 15, Murray’s mom had died and she was homeless—living on the streets, riding the subway all night, and eating from dumpsters. Amidst this pain, Murray always imagined her life could be much better than it was. “I started to grasp the value of the lessons learned while living on the streets. I knew after overcoming those daily obstacles that next to nothing could hold me down.” Determined to take charge of her life, Murray finished high school in just two years and was awarded a full scholarship to Harvard University, all while camping out in New York City parks and subway stations.

Murray’s story is exhilarating and inspirational. Her delivery is innocently honest, as she takes audiences on a very personal journey where she achieves the improbable.

Her story sounds like a Hollywood movie—and it practically is. Lifetime Television produced a movie about Murray’s life story entitled Homeless to Harvard, which was nominated for three “Emmy Awards.” Murray is the recipient of the White House “Project’s Role Model Award” and Oprah Winfrey’s first-ever “Chutzpah Award.” Her memoir, Breaking Night, landed on the New York Times best seller list within a week of its release and quickly became an international bestseller published in 12 countries, in eight languages.

Murray received her Bachelor of Science degree from Harvard University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Psychology at Columbia University. Murray is passionate about speaking on the importance of personal motivation, transforming problems into opportunities, and what it takes to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Fredi Lajvardi
Friday, January 20

Nationally recognized STEM educator and subject of the critically acclaimed documentary, "Underwater Dreams," and major motion picture, "Spare Parts."

For more than two decades, high school science teacher, Fredi Lajvardi has engaged, motivated and challenged students by making science fun and introducing them to the field of robotics. With countless hours spent after school, mentoring and investing in the underserved students at Carl Hayden Community High School, in Phoenix, Lajvardi drew national attention in 2004, when he entered his diverse high school team in a university-level national underwater robotics competition, where they not only proved their skills and ability to compete at that level, but they placed first, defeating leading universities, including MIT.

First covered by Wired magazine, their inspiring story drew attention from local and national media outlets and led to the acclaimed documentary, "Underwater Dreams." In March 2015, the film was selected by President Obama to screen at the White House in honor of National Robotics Week and the launch of the “Let Everyone Dream” Coalition, a national initiative introducing new multi-sector partnerships in support of STEM education for underserved students. Their story was also adapted into the major motion picture, "Spare Parts," starring actor and comedian, George Lopez as Lajvardi.

Honored with numerous awards, including the IEEE National Outstanding Educator for 2005, the Arizona Department of Education Leadership Award for 2006, and the City of Phoenix Outstanding Teacher of the Year each year from 2005 to 2009, Lajvardi has and continues to be a significant contributor to the increasing interest and awareness of STEM education nationwide. With an effective leadership philosophy, incredible story and a spirited passion for teaching, Lajvardi offers valuable and inspiring insight on fostering teamwork, sparking creativity and helping individuals realize and maximize their potential.


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