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Recent Posts (2015):

Evers Elected CCSSO President (11/25/15)

Evers Recognizes 40 Years of IDEA (11/19/15)

Celebrating American Education Week (11/16/15)

Happy Veterans Day from the WASB (11/11/15)

Fall Referendums Successful (11/4/15)

November is Military Family Month (11/2/15)

US Education Secretary Duncan to Step Down (10/8/15)

Federal Update: NSBA Urges Congress to Reauthorize ESEA (10/2/15)

State Assembly Passes Two K-12 Education-Related Bills (9/25/15)

State Superintendent Would be Appointed by Governor Under Proposal (9/15/15)

DPI Selects New Statewide Assessment to Replace Badger Exam (9/10/15)

State to Spend $258M on Vouchers Next School Year (9/1/15)

Wisconsin’s ACT Scores Hold Steady (8/11/15)

DPI Announces Sparsity Aid Payments to 137 Small Rural School Districts (8/11/15)

Schools compete for teachers as applications decrease (8/3/15)

Compromise Needed Between U.S. Senate and U.S. House to Get Rewrite of No Child Left Behind Education Law to President’s Desk (7/20/15)

Governor Signs Budget; Includes Several Education-Related Vetoes (7/13/15)

WASB Gets Key Provision Removed; Property Insurance Fund Restored in Senate Budget (7/8/15)

DPI Releases July 1 General Aid Estimate (7/1/15)

Floor Debate On NCLB May Begin Soon (6/19/15)

DPI: Funding for Special Education will be Frozen (6/4/15)

School Leaders Communicating with Their Communities About JFC Budget (6/3/15)

Vouchers Could Drain $600-$800 Million from Public Schools Through 2025 (5/29/15)

JFC Budget Dramatically Revamps Teacher Licensure (5/26/15)

JFC Budget: $0 Increase in Resources in First Year, $100 Increase in Second Year (5/20/15)

National Expert: Wisconsin Per Pupil Spending Likely to Fall Below National Average (5/13/15)

State Seeking New State Assessment to Replace Badger Exam (5/8/15)

Graduation Rate Continues to Improve (5/7/15)

It's Teacher Appreciation Week (5/5/15)

Former WASB Executive Director Passes Away (4/27/15)

April is the Month of the Military Child (4/1/15)

Student Video Recaps Successful Convention (3/21/15)

Joint Finance Announces Budget Public Hearings (3/5/15)

Spring Primary School Referendums Successful (2/18/15)

School Funding in the Proposed 2015-17 State Budget: We Have the Tools…Where’s the Lumber? (2/12/15)

John Ashley Statement on Governor’s 2015-17 Biennial Budget Proposal (2/5/15)

State Graduation Rates Among Best in Nation (1/26/15)

Senate Version of Accountability Bill Differs from Assembly Version(1/14/15)

Assembly GOP Releases School Accountability Proposal (1/7/15)


Wisconsin Revenue Collections Lagging Projections (12/23/14)

FCC Approves $1.5 Billion Funding Boost for E-Rate Program (12/16/14)

Gov. Walker to Speak at State Education Convention (12/12/14)

Report Finds Districts are Increasing Fund Balances (12/2/14)

American Education Week is Nov. 17-22 (11/17/14)

DPI Proposes Education Budget (11/10/14)

November is Military Family Appreciation Month (11/6/14)

Referendum Results Continue Positive Trend (11/5/14)

Half of Wisconsin Districts to Receive Increase in State Aid (10/16/14)

Taxpayers Sent Millions to Voucher Schools that Failed (10/13/14)

Majority of Schools Meet or Exceed Expectations on Report Cards (9/17/14)

Report: State Education Funding Model Fuels Inequities Across Wisconsin (9/10/14)

Wisconsin Students Score Second in Nation on ACT (8/20/14)

Student Population Changing Across U.S. (8/12/14)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Act 10 (7/31/14)

Wisconsin School Board Appreciation Week is Oct. 5-11 (7/29/14)

Walker Calls for Repeal of Common Core (7/17/14)

DPI Releases General Aid Estimates for 2014-15 School Year (7/2/14)

Study: Wisconsin Second in Nation in Education Cuts (6/26/14)

Now Accepting Nominations for the WASB Business Honor Roll (6/11/14)

Percent of Students Eligible for Free or Reduced-Price Meals Continues to Climb (5/28/14)

75 Percent of Voucher Applications are from Private School Students (5/20/14)

Rising Graduation Rates: Wisconsin Public Schools are Succeeding (5/8/14)

Bipartisan Task Force Advances Interests of Rural Districts (5/7/14)

Report Examines School Privatization Proposals in Milwaukee (4/28/14)

April - The Month of the Military Child (4/4/14)

Voters Back More Than Two-Thirds of School Construction Referendums, Almost Two-Thirds of Revenue Limit Referenda Requests (4/2/14)

Principals of the Year Announced (4/2/14)

Strengthen Your Community: Vote! (3/26/14)

Student-Produced Video Looks Back at Convention (3/19/14)

Elk Mound Receives National Honor for Board Leadership (3/5/14)

WERC Certifies Consumer Price Index (2/20/14)

Tomah students gather footage at WASB state convention (2/12/14)

WASB Welcomes New President Mike Blecha (1/29/14)

GAB Issues Guidance Regarding Election Deadlines and School closings (1/6/14)


The 10 Most-Viewed Ed Week Stories of 2013 (12/30/13)

WASB Remembers Mary Janssen (12/12/13)

November is Military Family Appreciation Month (11/8/13)

Governor Signs $100 Million Property Tax Relief Plan into Law (10/22/13)

Congress Approves Bill to End Shutdown and Raise Debt Ceiling (10/22/13)

Education and the Federal Government Shutdown (10/8/13)

Common Core Hearing Slated in Three More Locations (10/4/13)

Common Core 'Special Committees' Created in Both Houses; Senate Hearing Next Week (9/27/13)

DPI Releases School and District Report Cards (9/18/13)

DPI Unveils High School 'Global Education' Certificate (9/6/13)

Comprehensive School Accountability Measure Offered by Education Committee Chairmen (8/16/13)

Information Regarding Statewide Educator Effectiveness System (8/2/13)

VIDEO: Evers, Rep. Wright Discuss Common Core (7/31/13)

NSBA: ESEA Reauthorization Could Come "Any Day Now" (7/17/13)

DPI: More than Half of School Districts will Receive Less Aid (7/1/13)

WASB Delivers Veto letter to Gov. Walker (6/26/13)

JFC Passes Education Package, Voucher Expansion (6/5/13)

DPI: Cost of Expanding Vouchers Statewide is $1.9 Billion (6/4/13)

Voucher Expansion Deal Disappointing (5/30/13)

Per-Student Spending Decreases Across Nation (5/22/13)

WASB Executive Director John H. Ashley on the New Revenue Estimates (5/9/13)

U.S. Department of Justice: DPI Must Ensure Voucher Schools Accept, Serve Students with Disabilities (5/6/13)

Madison Math: When an 'Increase' is Not Really an Increase (5/2/13)

State Test Results Show Improvements (4/24/13)

Voucher Expansion Districts Could Take a 'Significant' Financial Hit (4/16/13)

April is Month of the Military Child (4/2/13)

WASB Day at the Capitol Press Coverage (3/14/13)

School Leaders Speak Out Against Charter School Board, Voucher Expansion (3/13/13)

Referendum Voters Receptive to More School Spending (2/25/13)

Governor's Budget to Freeze Public Schools, Boost Vouchers (2/18/13)

Walker Proposal Would Freeze Revenue Limits (2/18/13)

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Act 10 (1/18/13)

2012 August - December

Rural School Leaders Recognized (11/27/12)

Evers Unveils Updated Fair Funding Plan (11/12/12)

Election Day Referendum Results (11/7/12)

Judge Colas Denies Motion to Stay (10/23/12)

Most Schools Will See Drop in State Aid (10/16/12)

Eight Schools Named Blue Ribbon Schools (9/10/12)

2012 April - July

New Academic Standards Released (7/19/12)

State's NCLB Waiver Request Approved (7/6/12)

Retirement System Report Says No to "Opt-Out" Option (7/2/12) 

DPI Releases General Aid Distributions (6/29/12) 

Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate in Federal Health Care Law (6/28/12) 

Leaders Announce UW Flexible Degree Program (6/20/12) 

DPI and UW Colleges Announce Dual Enrollment Program (6/13/12) 

Election Recap (6/8/12) 

ACLU Calls for End to Single-Sex Classrooms (6/1/12) 

Report Addresses Schools' Broardband Needs (5/25/12) 

Guidelines to Combatting Bullying, Upholding Free Speech (5/24/12) 

Graduation Rates Improve (5/18/12) 

Two MPS High Schools Ranked Among Nation's Best (5/10/12) 

Wisconsin's Presidential Scholars (5/8/12) 

NSBA President's Letter to Obama (4/27/12) 

Increase in School District Staff Cuts (4/18/12)

K-12 Issues and Governors' Races (4/13/12)

Walker Signs Technical Diploma Bill (4/4/12) 

2012 January - March Top

WKCE Results: Improvement in Math, Reading Steady (3/27/12) 

More Students Qualifying for Free or Reduced-Priced Meals (3/21/12) 

 Thanks for Keeping the Promise (3/14/12) 

Open Enrollment and Student Achievement (3/12/12) 

Keep the Promise - Pass the Voucher 'Fix' Bill (2/29/12) 

Approve Wisconsin's No Child Left Behind Waiver (2/22/12) 

First Round of NCLB Waivers Announced (2/10/12) 

Evers Calls for More School Accountability (2/10/12) 

Statement from John Ashley Regarding Open Enrollment Bill (2/1/12) 

DPI Unveils NCLB Waiver Proposal (1/23/12) 

Ed Week Releases Quality Counts 2012 (1/12/12) 

Read to Lead Report Released (1/4/12)

2011 November - December Top

Almost Half of Schools Miss AYP Marks (12/16/11)

Union Recertification Election Results Released (12/12/11)

4K Programs Continue to Grow (12/7/11)

An Inside Look at Education in Finland (11/28/11)

Teachers' Union Presents Ideas for Improving School Accountability (11/28/11)

Property Tax Levies Decrease (11/16/11)

Statement Regarding WASDA Survey (11/10/11)

Educator Evaluation System Taking Shape (11/8/11)

Environmental Education Plan Released (11/7/11)

2011 August - October Top

JFC Approves Bill to Expand Independent Charter Schools (10/28/11)

Senate Passes Bill on Teacher Evaluations and Test Results (10/21/11)

Senate Bill Proposes Removing AYP (10/12/11)

Judging Process Outlined for NCLB Waivers (10/3/11)

Evers: We Must Reinvest in our Schools (9/16/11)

Back to School Resources (9/8/11)

What Americans Said About Public Schools (8/30/11)

ACT Participation Sets Record (8/17/11)

Debt Ceiling Issue Reaches States, Local Schools (8/5/11)

2011 April - July Top

Voucher Programs Give Students 'Little Gain' (7/27/11)

National K-12 Science Framework Developed (7/21/11)

Omro Voters Approve Referendum (7/13/11)

Wis. to Develop Statewide Accountability System (7/11/11)

Most States Will See Drop in State Aid (7/6/11)

WiscNet Saved in Budget (6/22/11)

State Budget Surplus? (6/13/11)

ACLU Files Complaint Against Voucher School Program (6/8/11)

Evers Condemns JFC Action on Internet Access (6/8/11)

Bill Seeks to Improve Child Abuse Reporting (6/3/11)

Say No to Expanding School Voucher Program (5/26/11)

Evers Against Expanding Voucher Program (5/23/11)

Use Additional Revenue to Invest in Schools (5/12/11)

Formulas Produce Differing Graduation Rates (5/6/11)

Calling for Investments in Education (4/21/11)

Spring Referendum Results (4/7/11)

2011 January - March Top

Statement Regarding  WKCE Results (3/29/11)

Spring Referendums (3/17/11)

Statement on Gov. Walker's Budget Proposal (3/2/11)

WASB Response to Walker's Proposal (2/14/11)

WEAC Supports Reform Measures (2/10/11)

Report Calls for Changes to Teacher Licensing (2/4/11)

Education a Focus of State of the Union Address (1/26/11)

Achievement Gap Among Worst in Nation (1/26/11)

A Look at Walker’s Teacher Evaluation Plan (1/26/11)

Board Sees Value in Classroom Visits (1/4/11)

2010 October - December Top

NSBA President Tackles 'Waiting for Superman' posted 12/22/10

Company Helps Students Create Holiday Webcast posted 12/16/10

WASB Commends Evers's Funding Reform Plan posted 11/15/10

Funding Not Likely to Increase posted 11/8/10

Teacher Effectiveness posted 11/8/10

WASB Congratulates Lawmakers posted 11/4/10

Referendum Results posted 11/3/10

DOE Outlines Schools' Responsibilities in Bullying Cases posted 10/29/10

Menasha School Gets NFL Grant posted 10/29/10

iPod Touch Helping Autistic Students posted 10/20/10

WI Graded on School Funding posted 10/13/10

New Study Examines School Funding Crisis posted 10/13/10

Telling the Story of Homeless Students posted 10/8/10

2010 July- September Top

Duncan Kicks of TEACH Campaign posted 9/28/10

Schools all 'atwitter' posted 9/24/10

Primary Referendum Results posted 9/15/10

WI Schools Win National Award posted 9/10/10

Assessment Group Wins DOE Grants posted 9/3/10

RTTT Winners Announced posted 8/25/10

High Speed Internet Gets a Boost posted 8/20/10

Court Rules in Favor of District posted 8/12/10

Addressing Cyberbullying posted 8/11/10

Ashley Statement Regarding Race to the Top posted 7/27/10

Class Creates Budget Report posted 7/21/10

Sparsity Aid Numbers Released posted 7/14/10

Free Playground Safety Seminars posted 7/14/10

More College Grads by 2025 posted 7/9/10

Pewaukee Wins WFA posted 7/2/10

2010 April - June Top

Statement Regarding Evers' Funding Reform Framework posted 6/24/10

State Supt. Outlines Funding Reform Framework posted 6/24/10

First "AdvancED" WI District posted 6/23/10

Study Examines Finance Classes posted 6/9/10

State Signs onto Common Core Standards posted 6/2/10

Grant will Help Track Student Data posted 5/26/10

Jefferson Schools Named District of Character posted 5/19/10

Bullying Bill Signed into Law - View our Bullying Resources posted 5/14/10

Farm to School Bill Signed into Law posted 5/12/10

A Cost-Effective Way to Post Meetings Online posted 5/5/10

WI Students Repeat as NOSB Champs posted 4/28/10

After School Programs Get a Boost posted 4/28/10

Schools Gearing Up for Earth Day posted 4/21/10

Sivertson Elected to NSBA Board of Directors posted 4/12/10

Referendum Results posted 4/7/10

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